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Egyptian Goddess

Its been a while since I have done a themed photo shoot and I have been tossing the idea to do an Egyptian themed or I guess it would be better to say an Egyptian Inspired Photo shoot and well earlier this summer I was at a friends baby shower and spotted one of her friends as my potential "Goddess" Candidate  - Creepy I know - but  I am more than 100% sure that I am not the only photographer out there that has an idea for a specific look and as soon as they see the person perfect for the shoot they go "A-ha!". You almost want to get up in the middle of a busy room and point out to the person and saying that "A-ha!" or "Eureka!" but in reality you have a to be a bit more stable and proper about approaching these things - without looking or sounding like a creep.

So I asked my friend if she could get me in contact with her friend and it was then the awkward "Hey would you be interested in doing a Photo Shoot?" and that is how I met Lauren Elliott.

Not going to lie sending that message was not easy - to be honest I was very intimidated. I have been wanting to go out and workout and well have not gone around it or I do but I have no commitment. And well sitting down with this girl that when you look at her she is a smoke show! makes you reconsider that doughnut you had in the morning .. And well this awesome lady is probably one of the most down to earth individuals I have ever met. She is extremely sweet and kind and she has her Shit together! We got together to talk about the theme of the shoot, get measurements and such. We talked for a while - and well I had to ask how do you do it? stay fit the way you do? and the biggest thing I got from her is Conviction - She knows what she wants and well she works hard at it. After that first meeting with her I looked at myself and said no excuses! ( truth is I have had ups and downs since then but again no one is perfect) I have the opportunity to have her as a friend now and the dedication that she has towards her workouts and meal preps is amazing. And as you will be able to see below it pays off! She looks amazing!!

Copyright: Vintage Blossoms Photography
Necklace: Pegasus Necklace

I am extremely grateful to have worked with her in this project - I have gained a new friend who is a big sweetheart and "mentor" in this road to a healthier life. If you are have a few, take a look at her blog! < Beauty and a Beast > Hopefully we will be sitting down with her within the next couple of months to talk about her journey as well - Stay Tuned!!

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As for the other amazing members of this project:

I had the opportunity to do my first collaboration with Cherie Walsh of Muse Makeup Artistry & The Naked Tan. She is amazing to work with, an incredible Artist and an absolute sweetheart. Another individual that I was nervous to work with and it went smoothly - As an artist that she is I gave her a few ideas for the makeup I was looking for and she did an incredible job and made my vision come true! Please take a few minutes to look at her work and check out her services - Muse Makeup Artistry

Copyright: Vintage Blossoms Photography
 Necklace: Currently Unavailable

For the hair I asked my friend and Hair Stylist Brandy Maczko to work her magic on Lauren and after changing my mind several times we both agreed on a hair style. And again this is why I loved working with this group of talented individuals - the day of the shoot Brandy asked if we could incorporate a braid into the look and I think it made a huge difference with the overall look and brought everything together. Brandy works at Razors Edge - she is an incredible hairstylist and a joy to work with! 

Copyright: Vintage Blossoms Photography

The jewelry was provided by Amanda Green and Katie Seggie - please check out Amanda's page if you are interested in some Stella & Dot jewelry. I will be referencing the pieces that we used on the photos just in case you would like to take a peek on Amanda's Stella & Dot site.

Copyright: Vintage Blossoms Photography
Necklace: Currently Unavailable
A huge thank you to my Rock on this shoot - Katie Seggie. From holding reflectors to accessorizing Lauren - to keeping me on track and keeping me CALM most of all. The jewellery combinations were setup by Katie and I loved the pairings she did! She also Assisted with the wardrobe prep helping with the beading and final setup of the tulle pants. I could have not completed this shoot without her.
Copyright: Vintage Blossoms Photography
Necklace: Makena Pendant Necklace
- The Top was purchase at LaSenza and the embellishments were added to the piece with beads purchased from WalMart and Fire Mountain Gems.  A LOT of sewing went into this.. between Katie and myself we finished the top just in time
Here is a before and after:

- Pants were made with fabric and tulle purchased at WalMart.

Copyright: Vintage Blossoms Photography

Copyright: Vintage Blossoms Photography
Necklace: Currently Unavailable

"Beauty Begins the moment that you decide to be yourself"
- Coco Chanel -

Copyright: Vintage Blossoms Photography
Bracelet:  Sardinia Bracelet

Thank you for stopping by,

- V -

"True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul" 
- Audrey Hepburn -

Model - Lauren Elliott
MUA - Cherie Walsh of Muse Makeup Artistry and the Naked Tan
Hairstylist - Brandy Maczko - Razors Edge 
Jewellry - Stella & Dot Rep. Amanda Green & Katie Seggie
Concept/Photography - Vintage Blossoms Photography
Wardrobe Setup/Prep - Vanessa Beltran / Katie Seggie (Crafts By Katie)
Lauren's Tanning was done by - Dark and Devious Sunless Tanning


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