Saturday, 28 March 2015

Confessions of an Ex Hot Mess - A book you don't want to miss!

Back in September I had the opportunity to work with Lauren Elliott. We did an Egyptian Goddess Photoshoot. If you haven't had a chance to take a look at it - DO IT NOW! lol she looks absolutely amazing in these!!!

I remember when Lauren and I were discussing the style of the shoot I joked around and said that I was probably going to need to get her autograph just in case and well I am certainly tempted now to blowup one of my images and getting her to do so!

When you meet Lauren you might be a bit intimidated ( like I was ) - she is absolutely stunning and incredibly fit. So the first thing you do when getting close is breathe in and tuck in your stomach and try to talk lol - at least that is what I do.  I have a friend (Katie Seggie) that has helped in several of my shoots with Lauren and we both agree - She makes you want to hop in front of a treadmill after you see her. But she has achieved these goals through hard work and dedication - And she is human, so with a few bumps along the way and a few struggles as many of us have she has stayed true to her focus and goals.

But above that she is an absolute sweetheart, super funny, an outgoing individual and incredibly motivational - I am so happy to have her as a friend in my life.

SO I am beyond HONOURED that she chose some of the images that we took on our fall shoot for her book - HER BOOK COVER!!! I am beyond thrilled and excited!! And humbled that she chose my images for her cover.

Check it out!!

Here is a small overview of her book taken from Lauren's site:
"Confessions of an Ex Hot Mess is not a flowery, hand-holding self help tome. With relentless optimism, cheeky encouragement, and little patience for excuses, its author pushes readers to stretch their boundaries and comfort zones and choose positivity above all else. Using examples from her own life's struggles and her successful experience in cognitive therapy and other healing modalities, L.K. Elliott challenges readers to “buck up” and take her tried and true advice to make their lives happier." 

So check her Facebook Page here -----> Confessions of an Ex Hot Mess to follow her awesome posts as well to stay in tune for her book release and so much more!

You can also take a look at her website Beauty and A Beast for updates on this ladies amazing journey!

Her book is also on pre - order on -----------> Friesen Press I have mine pre ordered already!!

I sat down with Lauren a couple of weeks back and said that we have to showcase some fierce images of her to reflect the empowered nature that I truly believe she has and also to do some editorial photos. The editorial images I will show in a different post as I am still working on them. But I will take this opportunity to thank Katie for helping Lauren and me with these photoshoots!

Now in the meantime here are a few images of Lauren!
Copyright Vintage Blossoms Photography

Copyright Vintage Blossoms Photography

And here is your's truly with Lauren! Katie left before we were able to get these so unfortunately we didn't get a group picture. 

Copyright Vintage Blossoms Photography

Model: Lauren Elliot 
MUA: Vanessa Wennerstrom
Hair: Katie Seggie and Vanessa Wennerstrom

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